6 Types of Business Intelligence Tools to Support Your Business

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Business intelligence (BI) combines applications of data analysis to meet various needs of information. So, there are some types of business intelligence tools you will need to know.

Actually, BI tools come in many types. However, we will only share some of the most popular types available.

Most Common Types of Business Intelligence Tools

Below are some types of top business intelligence tools available to companies. So, you have to understand each type well!

1.    Ad Hoc Analysis

For your information, some people also call it Ad Hoc Querying. Anyway, it belongs to the basic modern BI apps’ elements.

Besides that, it belongs to self-service BI software’s key feature, too. Ad Hoc Analysis is the process of running queries for analyzing particular issues in business.

Then, they are created very fast and run regularly. And, the results are included into dashboards & reports.

2.    Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Belongs to the early technologies of BI, this tool allows data analysis in multiple dimensions. So, it is ideal for complex queries & calculations.

With this tool, you will be able to directly run OLAP analyses against columnar databases.

3.    Operational Intelligence (OI)

Then, operational intelligence or operational BI also belongs to the most popular types of business intelligence tools.

In addition, this real-time analytics tool delivers information to frontliners and managers in the operations of business.

It aims to help in business operational decision-making. In addition, it enables quicker actions on business issues.

4.    Mobile BI

Mobile BI makes you able to access business intelligence applications on tablets & smartphones. Mostly, people often use it more for viewing data rather than for analyzing it.

For your information, it emphasizes the ease of use. In fact, mobile dashboards usually display 2 or 3 data visualizations only.

5.    Real-time BI

This type of BI tool includes data analyzing, collecting, and processing. It aims to give you an updated view of financial market, customer behaviors, business operation, etc.

Often, the process of real-time analytics supports the uses of decision analytics and implicates streaming data.

6.    Open-source BI (OSBI)

Typically, an open-source BI tool includes 2 versions. The first is a community edition where you can use it for free.

Then, the second one is a release of subscription-based commercial that offers technical support by its vendor.

Well, that’s some types of business intelligence tools you need to know. Actually, there are still many other types such as embedded BI, collaborative BI, location intelligence, etc.

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